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Every donation will go directly into our expansion project and daily operations for the children! You can donate now to this page: Contribute through PayPal now using a debit or credit card by clicking on this link - 



Or contributions can be mailed to Community Enterprise Solutions (still our legal entity name) at:



Community Enterprise Solutions

c/o Greg Van Kirk

74 Riverside Drive, Apt 4F

New York, New York 10024


Thank you very much for our consideration and support.

We need the help of people like you to make this possible. We are in the process of fundraising and would love your participation.


Land Expansion

Curriculum Expansion

Center for Art

A center for art would give children an outlet to expand their creativity and a way for El Centro Explorativo to incorporate and invite older youths and teenagers into the school.


Center for Recreation

This would be a space where children can learn organized sports, where teachers can gather kids for class and workshops, and a general space that the local community can rent out and gather



Center for Agriculture

The agricultural program would broaden students’ knowledge on what crops can be farmed during each season and the most efficient way to do so. These learned skills can also be used to improve current farming techniques in the community.


Center for Training and Innovation

The Center for Training and Innovation will feature several programs where students can learn and develop job and trade skills for their futures. These programs will allow students to create products that can be sold in order to generate their own income and some additional income for the school and community.

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We are hoping to expand the school in order to work with more children on more subjects.


We would like to buy roughly 4 or 5 cuadros (1.3-1.7 acres) of land in La Pista. This would cost about 450,000Q ($60,000 USD).


We need your help to reach our goal and make even more of an impact on these children’s lives!

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